Remembering Kathy Pellegrino: Veteran journalist and mentor

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NAHJ is saddened at the passing of Kathy Pellegrino.

Many NAHJ members will remember Kathy as a recruiter for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and as a champion of minority journalists. She was a true believer in diversity in the workplace and helped many of our members find a place in the newsroom. Kathy knew the need for newsrooms to reflect the communities they served, and never wavered in her beliefs.

Kathy was also a familiar face at the convention job fair for many years. Thanks to her efforts, the 2006 NAHJ convention in Ft. Lauderdale was a success. She not only helped secure funding within her own company, but she also helped organize events. 

Kathy was a passionate supporter of NAHJ, and was a committed member for many years.

She will be remembered and missed by many.

On behalf of NAHJ,  we offer our sincerest condolences to her family and friends.

Hugo Balta
President, NAHJ


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One thought on “Remembering Kathy Pellegrino: Veteran journalist and mentor

  1. Olmeda says:

    Should point out that, to my knowledge, Kathy was part of the recruiting process that brought two future NAHJ presidents to join the Sun Sentinel: Michele Salcedo and myself. Michele can correct me if I’m mistaken about her.

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