President’s Message: 2013 NAHJ Convention and Interim Region 5 Director

Hugo Balta
NAHJ President

Dear NAHJ Nation,

Good news! NAHJ will be having a convention in 2013!

On Friday afternoon your board voted unanimously in favor of joining RTDNA and SPJ for a national convention in Anaheim, California in August 2013. The next step is for the boards of RTDNA and SPJ to vote in favor of the partnership. They are expected to meet this week.

As you may know we had also considered conventions in Los Angeles and Albuquerque. Thank you to the exploratory committees for all three cities. They did an amazing job in a very short amount of time.

I also want to thank our interim executive director, Anna Lopez Buck. She has been working very hard on this convention project for months. Anna has been in constant communication with the executive directors of SPJ and RTDNA. She was able to provide the board a very detailed report on the proposed convention between the three journalism organizations. This report helped the board make the right decision for the membership.

I will be providing you more information about the 2013 convention as we move forward.

Here’s another piece of good news. Our interim Region 5 Director is Bonnie Gonzalez . She’s a television reporter in Austin, Texas. Bonnie has been very active with NAHJ. She was a panelist at our convention in Puerto Rico and most recently at UNITY in Las Vegas. The board voted her in on Friday afternoon.

I appreciate her volunteering to join. Bonnie fills a position that has been empty since March 2012. I look forward to working with her.

As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns.

Hugo Balta
NAHJ, President

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