Covering civil unrest? You need to know this

Our 2011 Hall of Fame inductee, Ernest Sotomayor, offers this FREE training. If you’re going to be covering anything that could erupt in civil unrest, this is for you.

Civil Unrest Training, March 5, 6-8 p.m., Columbia Journalism School
This program will also be webcast at
The International News Safety Institute and the Journalism School’s Continuing Education Program is offering a free, public workshop on covering unruly protests and crowds. Civil unrest in this country is set to foment further, with the Occupy movement planning a spring resurgence, calls for a nationwide general strike on May 1, the G-8/NATO summits in Chicago in mid-May, and Democratic and Republican national conventions later this year, civil unrest in this country is set to foment further. INSI’s session is intended for journalists seeking to better prepare themselves to report on street protests and riots. This session will offer instruction on how to safely navigate volatile crowds and aggressive police tactics. Preparation is the key to emerging unscathed and we teach strategies such as risk assessment, evaluating exit routes and how to protect oneself from tear gas, pepper spray and projectiles. We will also discuss legal strategies and how one-man bands can watch their backs while reporting out in the field during disturbances. The session will be led by our own Judith Matloff, who is INSI’s Director, North America, and an adjunct who teaches at the J-School on Covering Conflict in danger zones. To attend, please  Ddetails about INSI:


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